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Dexter Family Photos of Ramapo Heights - Early 1940s

Thanks to Barbara Dexter Schwartz for contributing these family photos from the early 1940s in Ramapo Heights. The Dexter family lived at 7 Allen Place, and Barbara's father founded and ran Dexter Press in Pearl River and West Nyack.  Barbara's was one of three families living in the community at that time, including the Gittins family, who founded the community, the Dexters, and the Stewarts.  She remembers birthday parties on The Green and Lower Lake, playing in The Grove, watching movies on a large screen outside near the clubhouse, her father fishing in the Upper Lake and hunting, and attending school in the old wooden schoolhouse near the railroad tracks before the new school was built.  She also remembers ice skating on the Lower Lake in the winters, being pushed off the high diving board in the summer, and that the kids would walk on the pipe running along the bottom of the lake when it was drained every spring. Barbara's father owned a lithograph company in Pearl River, Dexter Press, which specialized in printing postcards and was one of the first companies to experiment with using natural color.  When World War II broke out, there was a gas shortage, and the family moved to West Nyack to be closer to the business, continuing to visit their Ramapo Heights home on weekends until they eventually sold it in 1945.

Lower Lake 1940
Ramapo Heights Lower Lake

This is Barbara's 11th birthday, from left to right: cousin Peggy,
Helen Slovak, Gladys, Ida, Marie Meile, and Barbara.

Ramapo Heights Birthday Party - 1940

The gentleman in the grey suit is Senator Gittins, who founded Ramapo Heights. 

Ramapo Heights Beach

From left to right, the Gittins, Dexter and Stewart family homes on The Green. 
Ramapo Heights Winter 1940

This was the former home of the Dexter family, a Mt. Vernon colonial, on The Green. 
Ramapo Heights 1941

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