Mirror Lake (Lower Lake) Circa 1940s

Many of you might recognize this is as the picture that was hanging behind the register at Miele's Restaurant and Deli (now Sterlington Station). Sis Manning, the long-time owner of Miele's and Sloatsburg resident, said the picture was taken in the mid-40's. The view appears to be from Aspen, looking toward Greenway. On the left, you can see three diving boards that used to be on the lake. Sis said they were 10', 17', 27' high. She said they were removed in the 50's. Scroll down for a view of the Lake from the same vantage point in 2005.

Mirror Lake in 2005 from the same vantage point... the peninsula on the right is a recent, man-made addition.

Thanks very much to Sis Manning for lending us the 1940 photo for scanning.  If anyone else has information to share about the history of PGL, please .

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