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Welcome to the Community Forum, a collection of
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[Click here for an update on the
Dam repair project and liability.]

The Association of Property Owners at Pine Grove Lakes in Sloatsburg, New York was created by former U.S. Congressman and New York Senator Robert Gittins in two phases beginning in 1939 and 1954 with the execution of Declarations of Restrictions, Grants, Trusts and Charges ("Declaration"), permanently subjecting the 223 homes and 93 common properties, lakes, recreational lands, and lots within the Pine Grove Lakes (PGL) community to specific covenants and restrictions, primarily, the commitment to maintain its common properties and assess maintenance charges on all property owners for that purpose. These covenants and restrictions run with the land, and every subsequent purchaser of a home or lot in the Association, by taking title to it, is obligated to pay maintenance charges annually and, as may become necessary, in the form of special assessments.  

Under PGL's Declaration and state law, the primary duty of the Association is to maintain its unimproved common properties (two lakes, a grove and a community field) through its assessment, lien and foreclosure powers. The Declaration also permits, but doesn't require, the use of maintenance charges for common property improvements. The use of PGL maintenance fees for any other purpose is plainly prohibited under its Declaration and state law, as confirmed in a 2005 opinion from PGL's legal counsel and shared by PGL's President and Board with much of the community. (Click here for an update on the unfunded Upper Lake dam repair liability.)

PGL's Declaration is effectively its constitution and functions as a contract between the Association and each of its members. It is enforceable not only by PGL, but also by any individual propery owner. A valuable feature of PGL's Declaration is that it was drafted by the founders so that it can never be amended (except with the unanimous consent of all deed holders), so every property owner taking title to a home or lot in the Association can be assured of its continued administration as originally intended.  That and the fact that it's a wonderful family community are some of the main reasons people buy homes in Pine Grove, generation after generation.

For more information about the Association of Property Owners at Pine Grove Lakes, visit our History and Documents pages.


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If you live in Pine Grove, Sloatsburg or anywhere in Ramapo, please visit ROSA 4 Rockland, which fights unsustainable, poorly planned overdevelopment, and Preserve Ramapo, a town-wide coalition of  Ramapo citizens from every ethnic, religious, economic and political party affiliation, which opposes the Town's promotion of widespread high-density housing throughout Ramapo, including the villages. Please visit ROSA and Preserve Ramapo to find out what you can do to lend your support to these important causes.

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